Systems for People with Dementia

At the Cognitive Systems Lab, we are developing a number of systems aimed at people with dementia. We focus on two areas:

  • Interactive systems that activate people with dementia on cognitive, emotional and social levels
  • Systems to assist in the diagnosis of dementia


Relevant Publications

Systems to assist in the diagnosis of dementia

Filter publications:
[2] Speech-Based Detection of Alzheimer's Disease in Conversational German (, , ), In INTERSPEECH 2016 – 17\textsuperscriptth Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, . [bibtex] [abstract] [pdf] [poster] [doi]
[1] Detection of Intra-Personal Development of Cognitive Impairment From Conversational Speech (, ), In 12th ITG Conference on Speech Communication, . [bibtex] [abstract] [pdf]


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